Introducing Trackman Range

You find your stall, pour out your balls and aimlessly start pounding balls down range with no information but what the eyes can see. You hope the folks at the practice facility were on their game when marking yardages out on their range so you can at least take that information to the course. Did they even bother to mark off each stall, because you know, it's not 110 to that first green from every bay. SAY NO MORE.

Now imagine walking up to any stall or grass tee at your local practice facility or golf club with your bucket of golf balls. Before you start hitting, you take out your smart phone and login to an app that provides you with ball data similar to what pros are provided, with every shot being displayed right on your phone display. Anyone/Everyone else at the same practice facility will be able to utilize the very same technology at the same time.




TrackMan Range is able to capture the most important data points in relation to your shot: Carry Distance, Total Distance, Ball Speed, Height (trajectory), Launch Angle/Direction, Lateral Dispersion and Distance from Target.

It's important to set up an account within the TrackMan Range app in order to harness the full functionality and for data analyzation when you're not on the range. It's also important to select your club and your target when using practicing with the app. The more information you give to the app, the more useful the data will be during your practice session.

Not sure what these data points mean? Ask one of our expert associates for assistance.


Let's see you strut your stuff with TrackMan Range Games. Compete in 3 interactive games that you can play alone or with a group.

  1. BULLSEYE - A game of closest to the pin anyone? Now instead of guessing who was closest, TrackMan Range can give you that information in a fun and exciting format. Earn more points, the closer you are to the pin and the further the pin is away. GET TIGHT!
  2. HIT IT! - You know this one. Leave it all out there. Let the big dog eat. It's a long drive game. Each player gets points based on how far the ball travels. We won't overexplain this one - just let loose.
  3. CAPTURE THE FLAG - A game of accuracy and strategy. Capture flags around our practice facility by knocking it close to the targets. Don't think you're safe yet though - every target you've already captured can be stolen by your opponent. Capture the most flags by the end and win the right to talk some smack.
  4. VIRTUAL GOLF (COMING SOON) - Play on some of the world's most historic golf courses on our live ball flight practice facilities. It's the next best thing aside from actually being able to get a tee time there. Check back soon for updates regarding this feature.



First, TrackMan uses satellite images to survey and 3D map the field at each practice facility. TrackMan digitally maps our ranges and calculates the distances to each target from each static bay location. The dynamic bays (grass tees) are calculated in real time based on the geographic placement of the tees.

Multiple military-grade doppler radars strategically placed around the perimeter of the practice facilities and also in the field are used to capture each and every ball that is hit on the facilities, regardless of whether or not the players is using the app.

TrackMan Range provides users with "basic" TrackMan IV functionality. The big data points not provided by TrackMan Range are Spin, Club Path/Angle, and Smash Factor. These bits of information can only be captured with the actual TrackMan unit when it's placed behind the user. This further displays the full capabilities of TrackMan and why a proper fit is vital for your golf success.

You may have noticed the ability to toggle back and forth between "Range Ball" and "Premium Ball". When in "Range Ball" mode, the numbers you see from your shots are your actual numbers. When you switch to "Premium Ball" you'll see what TrackMan calls normalized numbers. Normalization provides information on the trajectory assuming calm conditions at any altitude and temperature input by the user; basically, with no wind, perfect golf temperature, and altitude (ideal golfing conditions). Your "Premium Ball" numbers are the shots you can brag to your friends about.